06.06.2022 - Lost Footage I recently lost about 45 minutes of footage from a promotional video I was shooting about the [SPVFA] Eden's Gate fleet carrier. It's shocking and heartbreaking because I have no plans to return to the carrier anytime soon. In any case, I still plan to release a promotional video soon for the carrier. If you're in the neighborhood of Dryeia Blou JT-F C25-0, then stop by and drop off your exploration data before moving to Beagle Point, Colonia, or the Bubble. 05.31.2022 - Out There Going Forward The summer months are upon us and that means that some changes are on the horizon for how I manage my content delivery. The first, and perhaps the largest change, is that there will be no more Out There premiers for the forseeable future. This is to allow me more time to spend with my family on the weekends. Additionally, the Out There summer break will begin in two weeks and will run for one month for the same reason. Regular FB, Twitter, and Instagram posts will continue as well as some off-the-cuff YouTube videos, but fear not! Out There is not going anywhere! o7 -Ex 05.23.2022 - Working on New Stuff Things have been very busy in the IRL front and I've been somewhat distracted from my space expeditions by Elden Ring. However, I do have a few projects in work and there should be some new YouTube (non Out There) content being released later this week. Fly safe out there, CMDRs! o7 -Ex 05.20.2022 - Out There Premiers Return! I have absolutely no idea why Season 4, Episode 13 of Out There suddenly rose to over 2.7K views on YouTube, but I will certainly not complain about it. I hope that it has something to do with the return of my premier schedule. Out There has resumed regular YouTube premiers every Saturday at 1200 CST. Join me on my YouTube channel by clicking the YouTube button on the sidebar. o7 -Ex 05.19.2022 - Happy Birthday Elite Dangerous Odyssey! To say that the launch of Elite Dangerous Odyssey in 2021 was smooth would be a lie beyond measure. It was a completely broken and disappointing product for many. However, the team at Frontier have worked diligently to fix the DLC and has made Odyssey a fascinating and engaging experience for players of all types. Today, we celebrate the difficult launch but also give praise where it's deserved for the exceptional game we have now. We look forward to a bright future across the galaxy. o7 -Ex 05.18.2022 - Welcome Back! I'm slowly working to make this website more functional and less of a place for links to my other stuff. Who knows? Maybe I'll actually finish it one day. For now, this is what I'm working with. See you Out There, Commanders! o7